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    Center Development

    HTI's strategy, which is in line with current shifts in world thinking, involves partnering with quality local providers in areas where cancer care is needed most. With the world crisis in cancer occurring much more rapidly than most policy makers had anticipated, the World Health Organization recently adopted a change in cancer control strategy by campaigning to attract the private sector into helping tackle cancer -- encouraging health insurance companies and drug and food industries to set up new infrastructures and new health markets. HTI's model targets partnership opportunities and encourages strategic alliances between the public and private sectors where appropriate.

Project Financing

HTI obtains equipment financing for each project and the local partner typically obtains financing for the facility. HTI will, however, assist when necessary in identifying financing resources for the entire project.

Operational/Program Planning

HTI's operations experts begin working with local government officials, hospital administrators, physicians and staff early in the planning process to ensure that the appropriate program components are in place and that the staff is fully trained and accredited. Program planning ensures that a complete continuum of care is offered and includes detailed determination of program services, operating policies and procedures, clinical policies and procedures, staffing models and recruitment, integrated clinical and financial systems, utilization analyses, and business development strategies, among other elements.

Facilities Planning / Construction and Technology Procurement

Once the program services have been defined, the facility planning effort must begin. A facility space program is designed that interprets the cancer program and services into space needs. This effort coincides with the equipment procurement process. As working documents are approved, HTI provides on-going project management services for the facility design and development stages of the project. This includes refinement and finalization of the site evaluation/analysis, space program and equipment/furnishings listing.

HTI escorts Jonathan Dimbleby at new Queens Mary's Hospital in Sidcup
HTI escorts Jonathan Dimbleby at new Queens Mary's Hospital in Sidcup

Cancer care specialists unveil plans for growth after Leeds deal
HTI are contracted to provide a turnkey design, build and equip satellite cancer centre to the main Guy's St.Thomas centre in London located in Sidcup on the Queen Mary campus. The agreement is funded directly through GSTT [ ... ]