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    HTI working directly with our partners, Proton International,  is dedicated to expanding regional access to proton therapy and in the interim to providing a seamless referral network for those patients and families seeking access to proton therapy until such time as their regional service is available.

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HTI’s mission is to expand patient and consultant access to technologies and services which will improve the clinical outcome for cancer patients.  Proton therapy has clinically proven to provide positive results for cancer patients with certain site specific types of cancer. The increased cost justification for certain cancer types may vary from country to country but virtually all countries now recognize that proton therapy offers enhanced clinical benefits for many types of cancers.  We are able to achieve this by working closely with our partners, Proton International.



Proton Access Program

Proton International maintains an International Network of Proton Therapy Facilities. We are able to review, on your behalf, multiple treatment sites to assure you are able to achieve the optimum combination of timely access, clicnial excellence based on your specific tumor type, price, and location.


Support-Bubble-2-iconHow does proton therapy work? What kind of studies have been done to prove the effectivness of proton therapy? What is the history of proton therapy?

Protons release most of their energy directly into the tumor and as a result patients often can receive higher, more effective doses with fewer side effects from treatment.

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Facility Services

The team at Proton International have develeoped a large portfolio of therapy centers, using their experience to provide:

  • Financing
  • Organizational Structure
  • Business Planning
  • Equipment Selection and Purchase
  • Maintenance and Support
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HTI escorts Jonathan Dimbleby at new Queens Mary's Hospital in Sidcup
HTI escorts Jonathan Dimbleby at new Queens Mary's Hospital in Sidcup

Cancer care specialists unveil plans for growth after Leeds deal
HTI are contracted to provide a turnkey design, build and equip satellite cancer centre to the main Guy's St.Thomas centre in London located in Sidcup on the Queen Mary campus. The agreement is funded directly through GSTT [ ... ]